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Engaging Community Leaders

Length 9:22

Stacy Housman, communications manager of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota's Center for Prevention, talks to us about the difference between talking to the general public and community leaders.

Nonprofit Transitions

Length 7:34

Scott Mikesh became executive director of Art Buddies a year ago. This is what his organization learned about the transition of leadership.

Talking Across Generations

Length 8:07

Jay Haapala from AARP Minnesota talks to us about the methods and messages behind communicating with different generations.

Communicating Northern Spark

Length: 9:32

Sarah Peters talks to us about the challenges—and rewards—of getting the word out before and during Northern Spark, a one-night arts festival with tens of thousands of attendees.

The Rewards of ‘Verso’

Length: 7:29.

Diane Richard talks to us about “Verso,” an award-winning, multimedia magazine she and Kristine Thayer created for Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Find “Verso” in the iTunes app store or check out the latest issue online.

Copyright and Trademarks for Nonprofits

Ken Kunkle, a St. Paul attorney who specializes in copyrights, trademarks and business issues for creative professionals, talks to us about intellectual-property law basics for nonprofits.

Starting Artcrank (Part Two)

In part two of our conversation with Charles Youel, he talks about how Artcrank grew thanks to smart relationships with communities, partners and sponsors.

Starting Artcrank (Part One)

Charles Youel talks to us how Artcrank—at the intersection of art, bikes and community involvement—got started and grew in a smart way.

Ideas for New Year Resolutions

Length 11:02

Wendy and Matthew, your regular Do-Gooder hosts, share some marketing and communications resolutions for the nonprofit new year. Now’s the time to make a fresh start—here’s where you might begin. And happy 2014, everyone!

What McKnight Learned

Length 9:27

Tim Hanrahan from the McKnight Foundation talks to us about their slick new website and what they learned along the redesign path.

Cultivating On-the-Job Creativity

Length 9:05

Laura Zabel of Springboard for the Arts and Levi Weinhagen of TPT, Comedy Suitcase and Pratfalls of Parenting (among others!) talk to us about cultivating the creative spirit in the nonprofit workplace.

How to Build a Community

Length 8:03

We talked with Lars Leafblad, founder of Pollen and Leadership and Engagement Director at the Bush Foundation. Lars shared his expertise on getting and staying connected within your community.

Dedication to Volunteers

Length 9:45

Terry Straub of Univeristy of Minnesota Extension Service's Hennepin County Master Gardeners talks about finding, training and retaining volunteers.

The World of Search Optimization

Length 8:49

Nina Hale of Nina Hale Search talks about easy ways nonprofits can get into search optimization—and stay a bit ahead of the curve.

People, Planet, Profit

Length 8:33

Casey Helbling of Software for Good talks about his company’s triple bottom line—people, planet, profit—and gives some advice for nonprofits looking for software or website development.